Thursday, August 7, 2008

Microsoft’s Windows 7 Is The Multi-Touch Heaven

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer amazed us with this new video of the future Windows 7. From the graphics’ point of view, this new exciting version makes Vista look like David in front of Goliat. The main feature of the platform that made us so excited is the touch and multi-touch integration, based mostly on Microsoft’s Surface Table.

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7

Among the new features unveiled, we can encounter multi-touch gestures in photo galleries, such as flicking, panning and zooming with two fingers; an OSX-like dock; drawing with ten fingers in a multi-touch paint program; a multi-touch piano application, and a program based on Microsoft’s Live Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth, that allows in-depth mapping.

Windows 7 seems to be a combination between Vista and the Surface Table, as the other features beside the multi-touch ones look fairly alike the ones from Vista. The new platform is expected to launch in about 18 months.


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